Is it a useless tradition or a universally beneficial service for those who have experienced the death of a loved one?

Since its founding in 1969, Bordwine Funeral Home has provided funeral services for a countless number of families. It is our philosophy that every human being, without exception, should have some rite or ceremony memorializing his or her life. The funeral is a means for which the bereaved can freely express and share grief by interacting with family and friends, allowing them to provide emotional support.

Psychologists have found through research that direct involvement in the activities associated with the traditional funeral is very beneficial to the surviving relatives. Viewing the body allows them to accept the reality of death and generates emotional and psychological healing.

We believe that active participation in the arrangement, visitation, funeral ceremony and disposition facilitates closure, promotes emotional healing, and directs one toward normalcy of life. Our goal is to provide a skilled, competent staff, adequate facilities, and pertinent information in which to meet these needs.

Funerals are expensive, or are they?

Average costs of…

  • A pack-a-day smoker will spend approximately $1,900 on cigarettes every year.
  • Three years in a nursing facility will cost $80,000.
  • The cost of a daily newspaper will be $12,000.
  • Forbes magazine reported that the average cost of a car or light truck in 2012 was $30,303.
  • The Fuel Freedom Foundation stated that in 2011 the average household spent $4,000 on gasoline.
  • USA today reports that the average couple spends $26,989 on their wedding.
  • The national average cost of a traditional funeral service including casket, vault, and the service of a funeral director is $8,343.

Information obtained from NFDA 2012 General Price List Survey.

What is a traditional funeral service?

A traditional service consists of the services of the funeral director and staff, embalming and/or restoration, use of facilities for visitation, ceremony, removal from place of death to funeral home, use of funeral coach, cemetery equipment, and utility van.

Can I have a traditional service and then be cremated?

Yes, the only difference is the mode of disposition.

Can I have a military service?

Yes, we can arrange with a veterans’ group for a military honor guard upon request.

I am a veteran. Will they pay for my funeral expenses?

The Veterans Administration will pay up to $2,000 on funeral expenses if the veteran dies within a veterans’ home or hospital, or if he has a total service-connected disability. The VA will also furnish a grave marker and American flag to every honorably discharged veteran.

Does the law require a body to be embalmed?

No, but if you choose a traditional funeral with open casket you must have the body embalmed. If the body is being shipped out of the state or if the burial time is being delayed, embalming may also be required.

Is it a law that you have to use a burial vault?

No, but some cemeteries require an outer burial container if a vault is not used.

What is the difference between a waterproof vault and a lawn crypt or concrete box?

A waterproof vault is just that. It protects the casket from water seepage. A lawn crypt or concrete box is not a waterproof container.

Can I plan my funeral arrangements in advance?

You certainly can. Thousands of people have planned their funeral arrangements in advance. It is a wise decision to pre-plan. This insures that your desires will be carried out in detail concerning your funeral service. We retain a complete record of your plans.